October 28, 2012 at 11:40pm

Empty Week.

This week has been a disaster. Why even complain about it to people if that is pretty much the story of my life, right?

First: I’ve applied everywhere for a positions that looked to be open. Haven’t gotten a call, nor do I think I’ll be getting a call back, something tells me to just look elsewhere. Yesterday, a friend of mine told me she was excited because she got an interview for a job! I was like, “Oh My GOD, I’m so happy for you!” deep inside though, I was angry, full of rage! Today, I’m just sad, why can’t I catch a break?! POR QUE?! someone, please tell me why?!

Second: I’ve recently began getting on a health kick. I’ve been doing great cause people have been complementing on my looks, so that says something, right? ANYWHO, just two weeks ago I ran only a day and stop running, Its been so long since I ran, well, It feels like it! Tomorrow is a new day, and a fresh start to the workout routine. It’s just alot harder when the holidays are right around the corner and not to mention all the delicious food there are around this glorious season. Ay, I hope I find the will to control my horrible habits!

I GOT THIS! I will never loose hope, I’ll find something, and I’ll keep the pounds off!

October 15, 2012 at 12:54am

Crossing the fingers, guys.

Monday, tomorrow, I hope to gain what I’ve longed for. Over the weekend I came across a website that showed a posting of a pretty good job. However, in the past, I’ve gone to these places and I’ve never got a callback from any of the places I’d applied to. I seriously hope I get the job OR even better, just get the chance to apply and get a callback. I’m worried mostly because this place is pretty far from where I live, and I can’t afford to be driving around, these gas prices are barbaric! I Hope god, Allah, or the the universe seriously considers this poor college student to be chosen, or even then I hope they tell me this position is still open for applications!

Guys, pray for me, please!

October 11, 2012 at 6:48pm
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Let's Go from Matt and Kim


Matt & Kim: Let’s Go

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Matt & Kim’s new music video featuring bizarre group portraits is worth at least 2,000.


Bit of Excitement, for only a second.

I applied for a position in a far away county, like 2 hours away from where I live. So, I though, there might actually be a good chance I get this. I crossed my fingers before I sent the Email, talked to god for a second, and then, BOOM! I get a phone call from the position I’d applied for. Wait, first I let it go to voicemail, and then I heard the voicemail, and I quickly dialed back. Her voice through the phone sounded a bit tired, exhausted, and restless, but I was eager to hear the good news. Sadly I wasn’t able to get an interview because of the fact that I live 2 hours away, I must live within their 5th district. I kind of saw it coming because one of their requirements was to live within those 5 districts. I knew, but I applied anyway, hoping they’d overlook that minor flaw. However, that part was pretty essential. No worries though, I’m trying SO hard to stay very positive, because If you don’t, no one else will help you stay positive. I’m going for the win, guys! 

October 9, 2012 at 10:55pm
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Giving up may just be the answer.

A couple of years ago, when I was just a kid, I remember waking up and going to school without responsibilities (just homework). It all seems less than visible. I feel as though I should just throw away the towel, give up on life, as it has given up on me, at least that’s what It feels like. I can honestly say that if I was to leave tomorrow, no one will care. At the grand age of 22, it feels like I’ve accomplished nothing, I’ve seen nothing, and I won’t see a thing. Everyday I envision something positive might actually happen, but as the day reaches its peak, there is absolutely nothing to wait for. Countless hours in front of a computer screen, waiting for that one email to change my life. The waiting game has become far from reality. Circumstances have led me to where I am today, nowhere. So, might giving up be the answer? There is a part of me, just a little part at the corner of the left brain, telling me to just wait a little longer, but how much longer before I give up. Now, I know giving up is not the answer, when everything else fails; giving up is the only option. Well, at least from this perspective. Yesterday I prayed to god that he would bless me with the news I’ve been waiting for, but nothing. It’s okay though, I don’t expect god to answer my prayers, I know that’s what an ignorant fool would expect, not me though. You see, in order for god to answer your prayer one must be a loyal follower and worship the lord. Not just ask him for a favor when everything is going wrong in your life. I know one day, I’ll become that loyal, worshiping follower god wants, but for now, I’m going about my way, lost. Yesterday I watched this video on youtube where the girl in the video said she was a positive person, which is why she’s so blessed. I think its bullshit though; telling viewers you’re such a positive person won’t make you a better person. At least that’s what it seemed like she wanted to get across. I feel that the more I’m on these social outlets, the more I want to hide in my cave. People bashing people, talking about their blessings, and their relationship with god. I feel like that’s something you shouldn’t mess around with, god shouldn’t be thrown around like it’s a game, it irks me to see bible versus on the Internet, like if they are trying to prove something. I don’t know, I rather write a verse inside a church, where everyone shares the same beliefs (not that I don’t).